Preordering Gadgets

What is Purse Pre?
Purse Pre is an all new way to preorder the latest and greatest gadgets from popular crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Those sites are a great way for entrepreneurs to get their start and gain an audience/market for their new creations, but a lot can go wrong with new product launches. Therefore, Purse Pre allows you to take advantage of all the latest preorders, without the risk of losing your money (by using our escrow system). Finally you can buy great new tech like Lily Drones, June Ovens, Navdy heads-up-displays and even the Nebia Shower — all for Bitcoin, with the peace of mind knowing you can always get a refund.

What do you mean by preorder?
A pre-order is an order placed for an item which has not yet been released. Pre-orders are a great way for people to obtain new technology or gadgets with limited production runs. Preorders allow consumers a way to get their hands on the latest technologies first.

How do you place a preorder? 

Placing a preorder is very similar to ordering items from any other retailer. Simply visit our preorder page here: From the pre-filled selection of items currently available for preorder, choose the item you wish to preorder.

How do you cancel a preorder?

Click the “Your Orders” button in your Account. Next to all open orders you’ll see a button: “Contact Support” on the right-hand side. Explain why you would like your preorder cancelled, and press the “Get Support” button. From there we will process your cancellation, and return your funds to your account.

When am I charged for the preorder?
When you preorder an item from Purse, you are charged when the preorder is made. The funds are then held securely in our escrow system until the preorder has been shipped and received by you, the buyer.

What are the delivery options for preorders?
On most new product preorders they will have predetermined shipping options. All orders will ship at the discretion of the company who is creating the product. Tracking information will be automatically updated as it is received, and updated to reflect on your order.