Name Your Discount FAQ

Who is purchasing my Amazon orders for Name Your Discount?

On Purse, in addition to shopping, you can earn Bitcoin by purchasing orders with Amazon gift cards. This is the role of an Earner; Earners purchase orders for shoppers by exchanging their Amazon gift cards for Bitcoin. Upon confirmation of delivery to the shopper, the Earner receives their Bitcoin payout. An Earner will often trade their Amazon gift cards for below the USD value of the gift card, this is the discount that is passed on to you.

What is the difference between Buy Now and Name Your Discount?

Buy Now is an instant 5% savings and best used for purchasing items you wish to receive as fast as possible. With Name Your Discount, you may set your own discount between 10% and 33%. Name Your Discount waits for an Earner to accept and purchase your order, so it is often used for items you’d like to save big on. Setting your discount too high may mean a longer wait, or that no Earners will accept.

How do I choose the discount rate for Name Your Discount?

Selecting the discount amount is up to you. Lower discounts often result in faster orders while higher ones may take additional time. We see average discount rates around 15 to 18%, so that may be a good place to start.

Why do I have to use a Wish List for Name Your Discount?

A Wish List is used so that we can easily pass on your order to an Earner, who will purchase the items on Amazon and have it shipped to you directly. By using a Wish List, shoppers will protect their personal information, as neither Purse nor the earner will have access to the shipping address.

How long do I have to wait for an Earner to accept my NYD order?

Once you place your Name Your Discount order it will remain on the order books until an Earner decides to accept and purchase your order. The waiting time often depends on the discount you select. For items you wish to receive more quickly, a more competitive discount is suggested.

What happens if no Earners accept my Name Your Discount order?

Orders will remain listed on the order books until an Earner decides to accept it. If your order is not selected by an Earner as quickly as you’d like, try reducing the discount and re-submitting.

What happens if there is a problem with my Discount?

If you encounter any problems you can reach us on by using customer support chat (Click on Contact under your Profile), or by contacting us via email: [email protected].

So what’s the catch?

There is no catch. Read our post about how the Amazon gift card market enables these amazing discounts.

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