How to Forward Shipments with USendHome

What’s USendHome?

USendHome Full Support Page, here.

By generating a U.S. with USendHome, all of your U.S. purchases that you complete via Purse (including Buy Now & Name Your Discount purchases) are shipped to and held at their distribution facilities. Packages are then reshipped to you and tracked via their advanced package tracking system, with realtime tracking updates notifications along the way.  A full list of supported countries USendHome supports can be found on their Package Shipping Calculator page.

How Does It Benefit Me?

USendHome’s service has some unique features as well that will provide our international user’s peace of mind when discount shopping with bitcoin on Purse, from almost anywhere on the globe:

Package Content Photos

On your request, USendHome will take photos of your goods so you can verify from across the globe that everything is in your order, and nothing is missing or damaged.

Package Tracking & Fast Shipping

Their state-of-the-art distribution center is located in California is located near the LAX international airport. This means that your packages can processed and dispatched to you shortly after they’ve been received. Tracking numbers are bundled with every order that you process through USendHome. Their package tracking system will email and notify you accordingly of any new shipping information as it comes in.

Privacy & Bitcoin

Using USendHome can provide you additional privacy when shopping online, and only requires a minimal amount of information to get started. Their privacy policy can be found hereThey also accept Bitcoin, PayPal and the following credit or debit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

How Do I Get Started?

You’ll need to open a new account. International shoppers will see a new option to generate a U.S. shipping address on product pages and during checkout.

Step 1: Click “Get a free package forward address




Step 2: Fill out the USendHome sign-up form with your Email, First, Last name, and a Password that will be used for your USendHome account. Then click “Sign Up For Free”


Step 3: Once you have your new U.S. Shipping address, you can then proceed to checkout with your new address. You will also receive an email from USendHome that will require you finish setting up your account to manage your delivery, and track its shipping status.



Step 4: Your new address will be provided autoselected for your order completion when using Buy Now. If you are wishing to use your new U.S. address with Name Your Discount, you’ll need add the U.S. address to the particular wish list you are trying create under the Amazon wish-list settings 



You can add your new U.S. address to Name Your Discount wish lists orders as well.

From there you’re all done! USendHome will handle the rest, and you’ll track your orders/packages progress through their site once they’ve processed and shipped on Purse. You’ll have to set up where you want your package forwarded to, and handle any additional charges on their end in relation to customs, tariffs, etc if necessary.

If you have any other questions, USendHome has an extensive Support Page, here.