Buy Now vs Name Your Discount

Get ready for huge discounts!

There are multiple ways to take advantage of discounts on Purse and shop from Amazon’s expansive marketplace by using bitcoin. “Buy Now” and “Name Your Discount” are the two core features of Purse that allow to enjoy discounts on your everyday online shopping.

Buy Now – Save 5% Instantly on Amazon (U.S. Addresses Only) or shop Purse Merchants [Note: Not all Buy Now orders from Amazon will ship with Prime shipping, only when eligible]

Buy Now allows you to search for any item on Amazon using Purse, and save 5% instantly using bitcoin. And, items ordered via Buy Now typically ship very quickly. All you have to do is lookup the item on Purse, add it to your cart, and check out. Just by using instead of Amazon, you can save 5% off any item(s) you were already looking to buy, just by utilizing our secure bitcoin escrow. It’s that easy, you can see the full process, here.

Searching for items directly will show items results from both Amazon, and Purse Merchants. You can notate where your item you’re buying are coming from by the merchant label listed below the item (i.e. items that state “Amazon” ship directly from their fulfillment centers). Only items shipping from Amazon are subject to the instant 5% discount, if you are an international user looking to use Buy Now to shop on Amazon, look into our USendHome shipment forwarding integration



Name Your Discount- Save 15% or more by naming your discount with wish lists

Want to save even more by shopping with bitcoin on Amazon? Simply create a wish list on, name the discount that you’re looking to receive for your purchase, then send your payment to our secure escrow, and wait.

From there, an “Earner” can purchase your wish list in exchange for the bitcoin that you’ve placed in escrow. Once you’ve confirmed delivery of your order, the funds in escrow are released to the Earner. You get your items, and Earners get the bitcoin they need. Learn more about our Name Your Discount works here, and how we can offer such great discounts, here.