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Third Party Shipping/Additional Fees

Third Party Shipping   Sometimes issues arise when placing an order regarding third party shipping not being enabled. Because some items shipped from Amazon come from 3rd parties, and not Amazon directly, this will need to be enabled on your Wishlist Settings to ensure your order can be placed and processed by Earners. Additional Fees […]

Shopper Fees

How much does Purse charge? Purse’s wallet to send, receive and store digital currency is free. Network transaction fees apply. Buy Now We do not charge any fees for Shoppers using Buy Now. Buy Now 0% Merchant 0% Name Your Discount We charge a fee for Name Your Discount based on the set discount. We will always display the fee […]

Shopper Levels and Limits

How Shopper Levels Work New shoppers on Purse are limited to a 10% discount on their first order through Purse. After successfully completing your first transaction, your discount rate will increase (up to) 33%. Meaning after you complete your first order, you’ll be able to request a higher discount on all future orders, up to […]

Preordering Gadgets

What is Purse Pre? Purse Pre is an all new way to preorder the latest and greatest gadgets from popular crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Those sites are a great way for entrepreneurs to get their start and gain an audience/market for their new creations, but a lot can go wrong with new product launches. […]

User Generated Tutorials

  We have the best users at Purse!  Thank you so much to everyone who created these amazing videos to help us spread the word about Purse!  We put this page together to showcase all the tutorials, how-tos, and reviews that users and organization submit. Do you use Purse?  Create your own tutorial and Tweet us and we’ll add […]

Buy Now vs Name Your Discount

Get ready for huge discounts! There are multiple ways to take advantage of discounts on Purse and shop from Amazon’s expansive marketplace by using bitcoin. “Buy Now” and “Name Your Discount” are the two core features of Purse that allow to enjoy discounts on your everyday online shopping. Buy Now -Save 5% Instantly on Amazon (U.S. […]


Returning Orders For all items that are fulfilled by Amazon, you will need to contact Amazon directly to make changes using the Amazon Order ID that the Buyer provides for your order. To find your Amazon Order ID, simply go to the order page of the item you’re seeking to return: Once you have the Order […]

Delivery & Tracking

Delivery Buy Now orders are instantly purchased and shipped with Prime when available. Delivery time is equivalent to ordering directly on Amazon and tracking numbers are provided when available. Name Your Discount delivery depends on fulfillment time and delivery time. Fulfillment time (time it takes for order to be purchased on Amazon) largely depends on the discount rate. Orders with discounts […]

Sales Tax Calculation

The US has over 20,000+ jurisdictions for sales tax, so there could be times when our estimates are off. We use a generalized rule to estimate sales tax based upon the state where the item is being shipped. Buy Now If we underestimate tax, we’ll pay it if it’s a small amount or request additional payment. If […]

Long Shipping Times

Long Shipping Times Due to the unique nature as to how Purse functions; matching Shoppers (you) with Earners (individuals seeking to liquidate their gift-card balances). There are some important things to note when proceeding to make a purchase on Purse using Name Your Discount. Because Earners are only paid when an item has arrived and […]