Merchant Fees Policy

Merchant Fees

Purse charges a fixed 0.9% fee for all Fixed Priced merchant sales, and a fixed 2.9% fee for all Pre-Order listings. The fee is charged at the completion of every item you sell on our service. Purse also offers premium options that assist in helping your items get additional visibility across the site, increasing your chances for a sale. These services are an additional charge, and can be selected when adding a new item to your merchant inventory.

A La Carte Additional Fees/Services:

Appear in Search Results: 3% fee applied to order total. Your item is then searchable on our platform, instead of needing to direct individuals directly to your item page.

Promote Listing: 6% fee applied to order total. Your listing will appear on our individual category pages depending on which category you select for your listing. Your listings will also appear at the top of relevant search results for your items, before any Amazon listings as well. This is an excellent way to gain additional exposure across our site and increase sales by putting your items front and center.