How to Sell


Step 1 – Click on Sell on the top of the screen
 direct link:

Shop PurseIO

Step 2 – Click “Add New Product”

Sell Items PurseIO2

Step 3 – Select New or Used

Select Product Type PurseIO ready

Step 4 – Fill out the entire form*
*be sure to fill in all fields or you will not be able to list your product.

Create Product PurseIO


Step 5 – Preview and Complete your listing

My Product PurseIO - ready

Double check that your listing is correct.  Press Publish Now to list your product.


We do not allow the following items to be sold on Purse Merchants:

Weapons, Guns, Alcohol, Drugs, Giftcards (including e-gift codes and digital vouchers). Buying/Selling of these goods will result in your account being closed, indefinitely.