How to Be a Good Purse Merchant

Purse Merchants 101

Selling items for bitcoin on Purse is a great way to start a business, or get rid of extra items you don’t need. The ability to securely transact with individuals almost anywhere thanks to bitcoin and borderless payments cannot be understated.

Whether you use Purse to sell goods every now and again, or only a daily basis, there a few key things to remember to ensure everything goes smoothly since we use a secure escrow for every order until the transaction is complete (and the customer receives their goods, as advertised).

Rules to Remember:

  • When setting up your storefront, or listing an item, ensure you set a fair Return Policy and Processing Time for your store/listing that is relevant, one that you can adhere to so as to remain consistent for your customers.
  • Pack & ship each item for your customer securely depending on the item they’re purchasing so it arrives safely; this ensures the escrow is released without complication, and reduces chances of an item being damaged in transit.
  • Promptly update your order with the appropriate Tracking # as it becomes available from your shipping courier.
  • Once the product has arrived to your buyer, try to give the customer at least 24hrs to confirm the package before messaging them to release the escrow. It’s important to be mindful that even if a Tracking # states delivered, the shopper may not have physically received the item to confirm its condition to release the payment from escrow.

Links For Getting Started:

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