Create a Merchant Storefront

Open For Business

Selling items for bitcoin is easy. Once you have added an item to your Purse Merchant inventory, you’re ready to set-up your shopfront so individuals can see everything you have for sale, and learn more about your business. [Merchants Sales are limited to shipping to U.S. addresses only, at this time. We plan to remove this limitation in the near future.]

Setup Your Purse Shopfront

1. If you haven’t already, make sure you’ve added at least 1 item to your merchant inventory Once you’ve done so, while signed in, click the “Sell” tab. From here you’re going to want to select the option “View Storefront“.

2. This page is your Merchant Storefront, all of the items that you list for sale on Purse can be viewed from your individual storefront. Shoppers can find information about your store, information on return policies, track the record of your recent sales, and more.

If you want to be a top seller, you should start by ensuring your storefront is filled with all the all information your shoppers might need. Start by clicking “Add information about your store“.

3. From here, fill in some information about your company; what you’re selling, what your mission is — whatever your heart desires. You can also enter a Location, Website URL, and Contact Email, too.

4. Once done with the step above, click “Save” and then click “Set your shipping and return policies” to add additional information about your store. From there choose the Processing Time that you will adhere to for all orders you fulfill, as well as your Return policy for allowing returns.

Once you’re done click Save.

5. Last step is to Add a Tagline for your store. Enter your company slogan or tagline, or something witty that’ll put a smile on your shopper’s face. 🙂 You can also upload a profile image for your shopfront, too. Upload a company logo; or if you’re an individual seller, a nice selfie.

6. You did it! You created your Merchant Storefront! You are now open and ready for bitcoin business. Simply link individuals directly to your storefront if you want them to check out your shop and start making orders.

Signing up friends? Check out our Refer a Friend feature, and earn $5 after your friend spends $100 or more!