Creating a Merchant Preorder

Why Preorder?

Preorders are a great way to gauge the potential commercial success of a product or service before its initial launch. With bitcoin and our secure escrow system, anyone can place an item up for preorder and start collecting funds from future would be consumers.

Writing a book? Launching an exclusive piece of hardware? Finally, you can preorder goods all for Bitcoin, with the peace of mind knowing you can always get a refund if something goes wrong, or if you change your mind prior to receiving your order.

How to Create a Preorder

To create a preorder, you simply need to add a new item to your merchant inventory. During the creation of your listing, select “Preorder” under “Listing Details“; creating a listing using this option will create a preorder, and once you have delivered the item to the user, you will receive payment for the item.

There are also additional options you can enable to promote your listing that increases the overall fee charged for your order, learn more here.

How Are Merchant Preorders Cancelled?
Users will simply click “Your Orders” button in their account while signed in. Once user has selected their preorder, they’ll see a button: “Contact Support” on the right-hand side. User will then explain why they’d like their preorder cancelled, and then press the “Get Support” button. From there we will process the cancellation, and return the funds to that particular user’s account.

Alternatively, users can also request a cancellation in the order chat from the merchant specifically if the item has not yet been processed and shipped.

When Are Users Charged For Preorders?
When a user preorders an item from Purse, they are charged when the preorder is made. The funds are then held securely in our escrow system until the preorder has been shipped and received by the buyer.

If an order is prematurely cancelled before it can be fulfilled for any reason, the full amount of bitcoin placed in escrow at the time of the order will be refunded.

What Are the Delivery Options for Preorders?

Each individual merchant has their own unique policies for processing shipping and returns. Users must refer to the individual merchant’s storefront for that information, or contact them directly to learn more.