Add New Item(s) to Merchant Inventory

Setting Up Shop

Selling items on Purse is an easy way to start earning bitcoin safely and securely. To sell an item on Purse, you have to add it to your inventory, from there you can setup your Merchant Storefront. Note: Currently merchants can only ship items to U.S. addresses, support for Non-U.S addresses to come in the future.

Adding Items to Purse Merchants

1. After you’ve signed in, click “Sell“, then click “New Item” or “Used Item” depending on the condition of what you’re selling.


2. From there you will be prompted to fill out details about your product listing. You’ll need to enter the Product Name, Description, Key Features; as well as upload any photos of your item. ProTip: If you upload photos, make sure you use professional and well lit images for your listings, otherwise your listing may look like junk to shoppers.


3. You’ll then need to select what Category your individual listing falls under from the dropdown menu, as well as create a unique Item ID or SKU for your listing (Optional). Then, enter a few Tags that describe your item so that it can be found in search results (Max 15). If your item was featured on KickStarter/Product Hunt/ or Indiegogo, there are boxes you can check as well`that will notate this on your product page.


4. Now you’ll need to pick your type of listing. Currently you can choose between “Fixed Price” listing, or “Pre-Order“. Fixed Price will sell your item at the set price you list it. Pre-Order will allow you to collect orders for your item, and have individuals pre-pay for your item ,prior to you shipping it in the future (like book releases, hardware, etc).

Purse charges you a 3% fee for your items to appear in search results, and a 6% fee for your item to be promoted at the top of category pages and search results for items matching the tags you provided above. Additional charges are a la carte, and are calculated on top of the preset fee (0.9% for Fixed Price, 2.9% for Pre-Orders) [Learn More].


5. If you particular item listing comes in multiple options (sizes, colors, etc), you have the ability to create Variations as well. Simply enter in the various Option types, and then enter in the available quantity for each. Your published listing will notate the various options on the product page so your customers can then choose which is best for them.

6. From there, you’ll enter in the Shipping Cost the customer must pay, Processing Time for you to process the order, and your Return Policy for that particular item. You can also enter the Item Weight and Item Size, too, but they’re optional.

Once you have done all the above, hit “Preview” to see a draft of your listing before publishing.

7. If you are satisfied with your preview and everything looks good, hit “Publish“; your item will then be added to your merchant inventory, and you will be redirected back to the Sell page.

8. Congratulations! You have successfully listed an item to Purse Merchants. Now that you have added an item to your inventory, you can create a Purse Storefront.