Support Center: Sell

Merchant Restricted Items

  Items that cannot be sold on Purse Giftcards (including e-gift codes and digital vouchers), Weapons, Guns, Alcohol, Drugs. Due to how Purse functions, there are some items that cannot be sold using our site. If you try to sell one of these items, your account will be banned, indefinitely. Attempting to circumvent Purse’s filters […]

Seller Fees

Q: What type of Merchant plans do you offer? A: We have three plans for you to choose from: Free – list unlimited items with a 5% transaction fee. Basic ($10/mo) – list unlimited items (including digital items), API access and search promotion for only a 2% transaction fee. Premium ($20/mo) – list unlimited items […]

Setting Up a Shop

Q: What do I need to do to create a shop on Purse? A: All you need to do is sign up at and begin listing your items. You can accept and store funds at Purse or transfer them to any bitcoin wallet. [learn more about bitcoin wallets] Q: What can I sell on […]

Getting Paid

Q: How do I get paid? A: After your items have arrived and the shopper has confirmed delivery, your payment will be sent automatically to your Purse account. Q: How will I know when I have a sale? A: Purse will email you whenever you make a sale.

How to Sell

  Step 1 – Click on Sell on the top of the screen  direct link: Step 2 – Click “Add New Product” Step 3 – Select New or Used Step 4 – Fill out the entire form* *be sure to fill in all fields or you will not be able to list your product.   Step 5 […]