How to Shop on Purse and Name My Own Discount?

Shopping on Amazon US with Bitcoin was never so easy


You can use Purse to shop on Amazon while getting a discount you can select yourself! Simply go to Purse and search for the item you want, we will show you a badge with a discount symbol (%) when an item is eligible for more discounts:

You can now start adding items to your Purse cart or save them for later, all with the click of a button, you can also modify the quantities for each item. Just click ‘Proceed to Checkout’ once you are ready to let go of those precious BTC funds and get yourself something nice.

Once you are ready to place your order, simply select your discount by moving the slider to the right or left. If you select 5%, your order will be processed directly by Purse, fulfillment times will be lower and your order will typically ship faster. Want to save even more by shopping with bitcoin? Move the slider to the right to increase your discount to your heart’s desire, up to 33%. An ‘Earner’ can purchase your order in exchange for the bitcoin that you’ve placed in escrow. Once you’ve confirmed delivery of your order, the funds in escrow are released to the Earner.


Your order will be updated with relevant shipping information as soon as possible. We will let you know once your order has a tracking number, is sent, and delivered to the address you selected in the checkout process. Press Continue to fund your order with Bitcoin, you can also deposit using your Coinbase account to avoid paying network fees, or pay with other digital assets using our Shapeshift integration.

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