How to Shop on non-US Amazon Stores?

Create a wishlist. Choose your discount. Pay in bitcoin. Do you want to use Purse with a non-US Amazon store? Simply go to your local Amazon and create a wishlist, then paste it on Purse to name your discount. We support most Amazon stores such as Amazon Canada, Mexico, Spain, Italy, France, among others.

Getting Started

Step 1. Add Products to Wishlist on your local Amazon Store

Click Add to List
If you’re new to wish lists, select Create Wish List (make sure the list is set to Public)


 Step 2. Configure the Wishlist

Once you’ve added an item to your list, click the option View List to configure your wishlist.


Then click List Settings in the top right.

 Step 3. Ensure Wishlist is Set to Public

Ensure under Privacy your list is set to Public then click Submit.

Step 4. Copy Wishlist URL 


Navigate on Amazon to your wishlist and click Share in the top right next to the envelope.

Then copy the URL from Share link pop-up.

Step 5. Submit Wish List Using Name Your Discount button.

Once signed into Purse, go to Shop page, and paste your wish list URL into the Paste Wishlist box, and press enter. Ensure that you’re items are in stock, not Used, or any of these items, or you may get an error.

Step 6. Name Your Discount

Select a discount by sliding the bar. For fast shipping, we recommend selecting a 15% discount. Bigger discounts result in longer fulfillment and ship times.

Pro Tips

  • Set a discount below 10% for items you need urgently.
  • Set a higher discount for items you don’t need right away, but want to save more on.
  • Add items to your wishlist from Amazon’s mobile app.

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