Am I Protected Using Purse?






Purse Guarantee:
 Customers are covered for any damages or costs resulting from their transaction of up to $10,000. [The guarantee does not protect users from fluctuations in the price of bitcoin. Purse cannot be responsible for changes in the market price of bitcoin.]

How We Keep Our Customers Safe:

Purse combines two irreversible transactions: delivery of a good and a bitcoin transfer utilizing our secure escrow. Earners on Purse can rest easy knowing Shoppers funds are locked securely in escrow while orders are fulfilled. System will automatically release bitcoin once the Shopper has confirmed that items in their order have arrived in hand. This helps guarantee that you are protected from instances of fraud, and ensures that individuals cannot steal your funds prior to item delivery.

In addition, to make our platform even safer — we’ve built a proprietary system that detects and prevents unwanted user behavior on our platform. This system allows us to filter out any malicious individuals who may seek to target our users. We’re dedicated to ensuring your discount shopping experience is secure, seamless, and worry-free.


The Purse wallet is a “hot wallet” designed to store funds that are ready to spend. Click here for wallet recommendations if you are storing large sums of bitcoin.

Machine Learning:

Purse utilizes its security partner, SiftScience, to employ modern machine-learning techniques that help our system automatically detect and remove fraudulent users on our system before they even have the chance to act. We have one of the most sophisticated systems for fighting fraud in the bitcoin ecommerce industry. Watch this video to learn how we use these tools to protect our users.

Exceptions (What’s Not Protected):

Purse Merchants – Items purchased from Purse Merchants are not protected by the Purse Guarantee, due to the fact that Merchants have their own unique and individual policies regarding returns and exchanges. Purse is not liable for losses incurred when purchasing direct from a Purse Merchant in our marketplace. Items bought from Amazon using Name Your Discount or Buy Now are however, protected.

Freight/Shipment Forwarders – Deliveries to unapproved freight forwarding/shipment forwarding services are not protected by the Purse Guarantee. To ensure you have complete protection, please use our native shipment forwarder, USendHome.

Amazon Devices – Amazon Kindles and other Amazon branded devices (Amazon Firesticks, Amazon Echo, etc) are not covered by the Purse Guarantee.

Gift Cards – We cannot guarantee gift cards purchases in the event that they are reversed or double spent, there are no exceptions.