Purse sub-accounts are a great way to give limited access of your account to people you trust. By setting a sub-account, you will be able to share your account without the risk of having your funds stolen.

Sub-account holders will be able to:

  • Login to your account
  • See, create, or modify orders as a shopper; or fulfill orders as an earner
  • Complete orders

Setting up a Sub-Account

  • Go to 'Account Sharing' under your settings and enter the email of the person you want to give limited access
  • Your trusted friend will have to check his email and click the link we will send to set up a new password for the sub-account
  • That's it! Your friend will now be able to login to Purse with his sub-account

Tips and troubleshoot

  1. Sub-accounts are a great way to give partners, trusted people, or employees access to your account. Whether you are a dropshipper that is growing his/her operations rapidly or an earner with plenty of liquidity, you will be able to delegate tasks to others
  2. The people you give access to your account via this feature will not be able to withdraw cryptocurrency, only deposits are enabled from within a sub-account (wallet addresses will be visible)
  3. Please make sure to click the sub-account activation link while logged out of the main account, otherwise, the activation will fail. Clicking the link from an incognito web browser session will work and allow you to set up the sub-account
  4. You can easily revoke a sub-account by going to the 'Account Sharing' section in your account settings while logged in from the main account
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