Buy Gift Cards on Purse

You can use Purse to buy physical Gift Cards from Amazon and pay with Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash, you will be protected by our secure escrow system, which means that your funds will only be released to the earner (the individuals that fulfill your shopping orders) once you receive the item to your doorstep. 

Things to keep in mind

You can only buy physical gift cards from Purse, this means that you won't receive an email with the activation code, instead, you will receive an actual physical card with a scratch code. Amazon, Visa Gift Cards or similar are not supported. 

Terms and Conditions

  • There are no returns or exchanges on Gift Cards
  • You will have 24 hours after delivery to redeem the Gift Card. Please make sure to apply the code during that period of time. 
  • Our Purse Guarantee doesn't extend to Gift Cards

Which Gift Cards Can I Buy With Purse?

You can pretty much buy all physical Gift Cards that are available in Amazon, the only exceptions are Visa, Mastercard, and Amazon's own Gift Cards, even if they are physical ones. 

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