Verify your phone number to increase your purchase limits on Purse. This number serves as a backup in case you are unable to access your account with 2-Factor Authentication. 

To read more about 2 Factor Authorization, please refer to the Two-Factor Authorization article.

To verify your phone number, click on your user name in the header, click "My Account" and navigate to “Account Verification.”

  • In the Verification tab, enter your phone number
  • Enter code to verify

If you're having problems
Please reply to this message and confirm your identity with:

  • a selfie picture of you holding your ID, where your name is clearly visible,
  • the last BTC address you used to withdraw/deposit,
  • the phone number associated with your account (if any). Thanks.

Note: We use a 3rd party service to verify phone numbers. Some IP based numbers and other similar services may not work when attempting phone verification. Please use a different service if you are unable to receive phone verification to your designated phone number.

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