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How Earner Levels Work 

Limits on earning Bitcoin on Purse are determined by Earner Levels. There are 6 levels for Earners and an invite-only VIP status. Earners can level up by successfully completing transactions and receiving positive feedback.

*low discount orders are given to VIP earners first

Please note that the Effective Rate is not the same as the Discount Limit, the effective rate is the percentage above the Bitcoin market price, for more information, please read this support document.

Earners can increase limits immediately through verification.

  • Phone Number Verification: doubles transaction limit
  • Facebook Verification: raises Order Size Limit by $25
  • Google+ Verification: raises Order Size Limit by $25

VIP Members have access to the best rates to earn Bitcoin on Purse with unlimited transactions. Qualifications include:

  • 125 successful completions with a positive feedback
  • Track record of fast shipping with your orders

Please note that VIP status can be removed if earners prove unresponsive or if the cancelation rates get too high. This is an invite-only program, and Purse reserves the right to approve or decline at any time based on market conditions, user behavior, or any other factor that the company deems relevant. If you want to learn more or apply, please contact our support team. 

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