Our marketplace depends on reliable fulfillment of orders. 

As an Earner, can I cancel an order after placing it on Amazon?

If you've committed to an order on Purse, you shouldn't cancel the order on Amazon. That's a quick way to lose favor with Shoppers and may lead to an account ban.

Our system monitors every order and tracks whether an order was purchased, shipped, and delivered. Since funds are held in escrow, trying to cancel an order before Amazon ships will NOT result in free Bitcoin.

When our system detects excessive cancellations, the Earner account will be automatically banned.

Earners who cancel on Amazon without notifying the Shopper cause harm and make our marketplace unreliable. If hosts repeatedly cancelled on guests, AirBnB would not work. Similarly, if Earners repeatedly cancel orders, our Purse ecosystem breaks down.

If you must cancel, ensure that you cancel on both Amazon and Purse. Canceling your order on Purse will not automatically cancel the order on Amazon. 

As a Shopper, can I cancel an order after it's placed?

If the order has not yet been picked up by an Earner, you may cancel. Simply go to your order and click 'Cancel Order' to remove it from the order book.

If an Earner has already purchased your order on Amazon, you may not cancel the transaction. That person has paid for your goods which are on the way to you. If needed, you may return the items for a refund.

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