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Submitting Tracking Information

When fulfilling shoppers’ wishlists on Purse, in order to receive the funds from escrow, the shopper has to confirm they’ve received their order. This process is more seamless, faster, and more enjoyable for the shopper (and you the Earner) if you provide tracking information with every order you complete; especially large orders with multiple Order IDs and Tracking #s.

By submitting Tracking #’s with every order, our automated tracking system will track the delivery status along the way, and will nudge the customer with a notification upon its arrival — ensuring you get paid faster.

Submit Tracking

After you have completed purchasing a customer’s order, and have received an Order ID, you will receive a Tracking # once the order has been fully processed by Amazon.

Step 1: Click “My Orders” and click on the order that has an Order ID or Tracking # that needs to be submitted.

Step 2: Click “Add Package Tracking” from the the order page on the right-hand side.

Step 3: You will then be presented with the prompt to enter tracking information for your customer’s order. Here you will submit all Order IDs, and each individual Tracking # that pertains to that particular order. Once you have submitted the tracking information, your shopper will be able to track each individual item in the order, to ensure a hasty release.

Note: If you are contacted by Support for your order, and do not respond in 24hrs, your order will become subject to cancellation.

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