You have two options for saving on every Amazon purchase with Purse.

Buy Now  –  Save 5% Instantly on items from 

Need your items in a hurry? Buy Now orders are fulfilled by trusted VIP Earners with Prime. Purse staff manages these orders and handles communication with the Earner to ensure swift delivery.

Buy Now orders ship fast. Most Prime-eligible items will arrive within 2-3 days. To select Buy Now, simply leave the slider at 5% when checking out. 

Name Your Discount  –  If you're willing to wait, request a greater discount.

Want to save even more by shopping with Bitcoin on Amazon? Simply add the items to your cart on Purse, and when you're checking out, adjust the discount slider. The higher the discount, the longer you'll wait.

Average discount is currently 18%, fulfilled within a week!

Once you've paid for the order, you'll wait for an “Earner” to purchase the goods. You'll receive a notification when your items ship. When you confirm delivery, we'll release the funds to the Earner.

In this exchange, you get your order at a sweet discount and the Earner gains the crypto they crave!

Learn more about how Name Your Discount works here, and how we can offer such great discounts, here.

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