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Buy Now orders are fulfilled by trusted VIP Earners. Purse staff manages these orders and handles communication with the Earner to ensure swift delivery.

Items ordered via Buy Now typically ship fast. Once we manage to find a trusted earner to fulfill your order, Prime-eligible items will arrive within 2-3 days. To select Buy Now, simply leave the slider at 5% when checking out. 

 All items are eligible for the 5% discount. Yes, really. Search on Purse will show items results from Amazon.

Add-to-Cart with Amazon Link

To add a particular item of a certain size/color to your Purse cart from Amazon (one that doesn’t include any incompatible items), you can simply search for that item on Amazon and select your option, then paste the link in the Purse search bar to add it to your cart.

Add-to-Cart with Chrome Extension

You can also add items to your Purse cart directly from Amazon with our Chrome Extension!

  1. Install our "Shop With Bitcoin" Chrome extension
  2. Navigate to the item on Amazon
  3. Click 'Save With Bitcoin' button to add to your Purse cart.

What happens if you can't fulfill my order?

We are sorry if we were not able to ship your order. Our support staff will do everything they can to fulfill your order, the bitcoin or bitcoin cash escrow rate will be honored for as long as the order remains available for our VIP earners to accept. If you do not wish to wait any longer, we will then cancel the order to return you your funds. You will receive the same amount you paid in cryptocurrency, 

Please note that Purse will not cover or provide a refund for any cryptocurrency price fluctuations.

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