We keep your funds safe.

Purse’s secure escrow system protects customers funds. When an order is placed, your payment is held in escrow throughout the duration of your order. Payment is released to the individual who purchased your order once you’ve confirmed that you’ve received all of the items.

When to Confirm Delivery

With respect to the Earner who purchased your items, please confirm as soon as you receive the shipment so that they receive their payment.

Only confirm items that you have physically received. Prematurely releasing escrow for items that have not yet arrived means you’re not protected if theres an issue with your order. To reassure the Earner, we recommend that you confirm each individual item(s) as they arrive, in the case that your order is broken into multiple shipments.

We are not responsible for funds lost if you prematurely confirm delivery. Remember to check that every item is received before completion. 

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