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What Can’t I Buy On Purse? (Unsupported Items)

Unsupported Items

Items that cannot be bought on Purse:

Digital Items, Amazon, Visa and some other types of Gift Cards, Subscriptions, Amazon Kindle products, Customizable items, Warranties, Lightning Deals, Prime-Only Deals, Add-on Items, Items with 'See All Buying Options' instead of 'Add to Cart', Out of Stock Items and Used Items

Due to how Purse functions, there are some items that cannot be bought on Amazon using our service. If you add one of these to your cart or wish list, you will get an error stating “Sorry, the item cannot be purchased”.

When you place an order on Purse, we will automatically create an Amazon Wish List with your items and shipping address (which stays hidden and private). If your item cannot be added to a Wish List, or Amazon doesn't have a default seller for it, we won't be able to fulfill your order. We call such items 'buying options'.

Items with "See All Buying Options"

Buying Options

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Updated on: 29/09/2022

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