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Shopper Fees

How much does Purse charge?

Purse’s wallet to send, receive, and store digital currency is free. Network transaction fees apply.

Name Your Discount

We charge a fee for Name Your Discount based on the set discount. We will always display the fee that applies for your order. See below for the fee schedule.

For orders with a 10% discount and below we use a flat fee of 1.9% The exact formula used to calculate the fee is exp((discount - 10) / 15) + 0.9. Here's a practical example:

Assume an item has an original price in Amazon of $101.84, the selected discount is 22% and the Bitcoin price is $9050.3367.1. The shopper fee will be exp((22- 10) / 15) + 0.9 = 3.125541%2. 3.125541% is rounded into 3.13%3. 3.13% of 101.84 USD is $3.1875924. 3.187592/9050.3367 = 0.00035221 BTC this is the shopper's fee

What happens if Bitcoin price changes?

The exchange rate gets locked in at the time an order is taken by Earners and they commit to the purchase. A small buffer of 8% is included in the price of your item to account for any changes in the bitcoin price due to volatility. We hold those funds securely in escrow until the end of the order. Once the order is completed those funds are automatically returned to you. This is to ensure your order still gets fulfilled during times of heavy price volatility.

Updated on: 12/01/2021

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