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Routing Solutions

There could be a few reasons why you might be having trouble sending or receiving Lightning payments to/from your Purse Wallet. Lets break down the most common:

Amount too large
No routes
Estimated fee was too small for actual transaction
Private node channels
Using Muun wallet

Amount too large

The amount you're sending is too large for the channels between our node, and your node/wallet. You could try sending a smaller amount, or you might have an inbound liquidity issue on your own node. If you're still having issues, contact our support team and we can help you find solutions.

No routes

There doesn't exist a connection between your node/wallet and our node. You could try opening up more channels with major nodes, or better, open a channel directly with our Lightning Node. By opening a channel with our node, you will be able to send and receive for free, and you can also earn yield on any payments that are routed through your node!

Estimated fee was too small for actual transaction

When you start a Lightning withdrawal, by entering an invoice and amount, we will decode that invoice and attempt to find a route to your destination for the specified amount and calculate an estimated maximum fee and show that to you while placing your withdrawal. Then, if after you confirm the withdrawal and we actually attempt to send it, the Lightning Network may have changed, which could mean the estimated fee is no longer large enough to make that payment. This is rare, but if this happens, we will cancel the payment and let you know the original withdraw fee was too small, while updating the withdrawal request with the new fee. This most always happens because during the time between when we quoted the fee, and when we sent the payment, the path between the nodes had changed, resulting in a different, higher, fee. Usually, you can just try to send it again and it should work the second time. We, at PurseIO, do not charge any fees to use Lightning for withdrawal and it's only the network routing fees that you're paying, so if we end up using less than the original estimated maximum fee, then we will credit your account with that difference.

Private node channels (advanced)

If you are running your own lightning node (or using a special wallet) that is behind Private Channels, then you most likely forgot to generate an invoice with route hints and specified an amount. Try recreating the invoice and turn on route hints and make sure to specify a non-zero amount when generating the invoice.

Using Muun Wallet

If you're using Muun wallet, then sadly we are currently unable to support withdrawals to that wallet. Muun uses a special type of channel system that is not compatible with our route finding sytem to determine the existence of a route and the fees. We are working hard to implement support for Muun wallet, but at this time, please use a different wallet to withdraw to.

Breez Wallet

Breez wallet uses auto channel creation for new wallets which doesnt work well with the way Purse does route finding. If you just created your Breez wallet and haven't yet deposited any funds, you'll need to do that before you can withdraw from Purse. This only applies to new Breeze wallets as existing wallets should work just fine.

Updated on: 28/07/2022

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