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Purse Browser Extension for Shoppers and Earners (Brave/Chrome/Firefox)

Browser extensions for Shoppers and Earners

We are happy to introduce our Brave/Chrome/Firefox browser extensions for both shoppers and earners.

To get started, simply install the browser extension:

If you have Brave, Chrome, or any other chromium-based web browser, install it here
If you have Firefox, you can install it here

Here is a breakdown of all the feature our browser extension contains:

For shoppers

Our browser extension lets you add items to your Purse shopping cart directly from Amazon. After you install the extension, simply go to Amazon and go to any product page, a button will be displayed below the price that will let you add it to your Purse cart. Here's how it looks like:

You can add items to Purse directly from Amazon

You can click the button again to add more units of the item to your cart. To manage quantities, you can go to your shopping cart, or you can click on the browser extension button to open up the shopping cart.

Manage your shopping cart by clicking the extension button

Make sure you are logged in your Purse account before using the browser extension.

For Earners

Our browser extension also works for Purse earners! We are introducing tracking uploading capabilities to our extension. Once you have it installed in your browser, you will see a button in the tracking page of an order, once you click it, the extension will grab and automatically upload the tracking number to the corresponding Purse order. Here's how it looks:

Click on the button to upload the tracking to Purse

Make sure to click on the button so that the tracking is uploaded to the Purse order

Additionally, you can customize the extension to disable earner/shopper features if you don't use them, To do so, simply go to the browser extension settings.

You need to be logged in your Purse account before using the browser extension. The tracking number will only be uploaded if the Amazon order number is under the same Purse account you are logged in.

Updated on: 22/09/2021

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