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Purse Affiliate and Referral Program

Purse Referral vs Affiliate Program

Every Purse user has a referral code they can share. The Purse referral program lets you earn $5 in Bitcoin when a successful referral completes a purchase of $100 or more (your friend will also receive $5 in Bitcoin). This is a great way for you to help spread the word about Purse, and allow your friends to experience the great discounts Purse provides everyday.

The affiliate program is a more of a high level partnership between Influencers, other companies in the crypto space with Purse. In short, the affiliate program is a profit-sharing plan that provides great rewards to people who want to spread the benefits of Purse with their audiences. Past members of our Affiliate program include Coindesk,, and others.

How to get started with the Purse Referral program

To get started, simply sign-in to your Purse account, click your username in the type right, and click “My Account“.

From there you will go to Invite Friends and enter in an individual’s email, or you can share your referral link to your personal social networking account.

Where to share?

From the “Invite Friends” section, you can share your referral to Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ with just the push of a button. This is a seamless way to introduce Purse to your personal network. Of course, sharing your code to forums, Reddit, and YouTube are all great ways to get new referrals as well to get you paid :).

Why did my referral bonus not show up?

The referred customer may have signed up from another page after clicking your referral link, not giving you credit for the bonus. If you believe your bonus wasn’t paid out in error, contact us. However this is highly unlikely.
Referral bonuses are only paid if the person you referred verifies their account and initiates a buy of $100 or more. The buy has to complete (meaning the order is delivered to the user, and confirmed on Purse). Payouts are typically immediate following the first successful order.
Purse monitors all user account referrals, if your account is suspected of attempting to abuse the referral system, your account (and future associated accounts) may be subject to a permanent ban.

The Affiliate program

An affiliate program is a great way to earn money while promoting the brands and companies you love.

The reason affiliate programs work so well is because real people promote the products and services to their own networks; and they are the influencers who are attracting individuals back to use your product/service. And when your readers see that you’ve taken the time to recommend a product or service, they’re going to feel more comfortable using that product.

Why should I be a Purse affiliate?

At Purse, we have a unique and powerful affiliate program. Not only are you earning bitcoin, but by referring individuals to Purse as an affiliate, you take a 25% cut of all Purse fees we charge; receiving a portion of the fees Purse takes from that customer’s transactions, forever.

As users sign-up and start shopping, affiliate earnings are automatically added to your Purse wallet in Bitcoin. You can manage and track your affiliate stats right from Purse.

Where can I learn more?

To learn more visit or, if you’re itching to get started, simply sign-up below.

Note: Not everyone will qualify to become an affiliate. If you do not receive a response after you submit your application, contacting Support will not get your application approved.

Updated on: 14/01/2021

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