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Modifying Your Order

How to modify your order

Your Name Your Discount orders can be modified anytime before it is accepted by an Earner. If you want to speed up fulfillment time, try reducing the requested discount.

To adjust the discount,

Navigate to the “Dashboard” and select an order
Click “Modify Order”
Slide the bar to change the discount.

To add extra tax fees or shipping cost,

Navigate to the “Dashboard” and select an order
Click “Modify Order”
Add shipping cost if applicable

You can also remove items from your order. Once you're done modifying, we'll place the order back on the order book for an Earner to purchase.

Once your order is matched with an earner (and therefore, the items are purchased on Amazon), you won't be able to modify the order. At this same time, the Bitcoin rate and escrow amount is determined.

Updated on: 13/01/2021

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