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Long Shipping Times

Long Shipping Times

Due to the unique nature as to how Purse functions; matching Shoppers (you) with Earners (individuals seeking to liquidate their gift-card balances). There are some important things to know when proceeding to make a purchase on Purse using Name Your Discount.

Because Earners are only paid when an item has arrived and is confirmed by the Shopper who is seeking to purchase the goods; and because they are trying to get money in a timely manner (Earners’ have bills and rent to pay) — it’s important transactions complete quickly.

Therefore, Earners who are trying to liquidate their balances quickly will normally cancel an order they’ve accepted if it appears it will take too long to complete.

Some of the issues relating to long shipping times can include:

Item is not in stock/low stock/unavailable
Processing takes multiple days before an item will ship (the price of Bitcoin is volatile and can affect earnings)
Item has limited shipping options and will take a longtime to fulfill (Amazon has many items that ship from China, for instance)

How Can I Tell There’s a Long Shipping Time?

If you want to avoid cancellations, and get your order processed more quickly, here are some tips to ensure your order is fulfilled quickly and seamlessly when choosing which items to purchase using Purse.

Good item that will likely ship with no issues:

If you see this information while looking at the item on Amazon, it means that there's enough stock and shipping should go smoothly.

Item is in stock and ships quickly

Example of bad items that may result in long-shipping times:

These items will most likely take a long time to ship or they are out of stock.

Item not currently in stock, but will be soon.
Item delivery window is large, meaning the Earner may not be paid for awhile.
Item takes additional time to process, which means shipping and delivery confirmation will definitely be delayed.
Item with limited availability, may be delayed if gets sold out.

Updated on: 13/01/2021

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