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How to use Muun wallet

What is Muun wallet?

Muun wallet is a non custodial Bitcoin wallet that allows for both Lightning and Bitcoin transactions. 
The wallet runs lightning natively, creating a seamless experience for the user.

NOTE: Muun wallet can only be used to deposit funds into Purse as it's currently not compatible for withdrawals. Read more here

Here is a guide on how to use the application step by step.

1. Download app

2. Enter a pin.
This pin will only be used to login onto the app locally. You cannot log in with this same pin on other devices. 

3. Back up your wallet:
Prior to transacting in Bitcoin, let's ensure that you will not lose your funds.
 → Click security tab at the bottom
 → Click on "Back up your wallet" to set up a recovery method using your email 
Step 1 of the back up process is by creating a recovery method for Muun wallet only.
Move to the next step and create an alternative back up. You will have to write down a seed phrase. This will allow you to recover your funds without your email.
The last step "Create an emergency kit" will allow you to recover funds without using Muun wallet. This involves *

4. Receiving BTC:
→ Click on receive 
 → Go on to address settings to ensure what BTC address you are using. 

You have to ensure that you pick what is compatible with the location you are sending from.

For example, Muun wallet accepts Legacy, Segwit and Taproot address types.

 → If you would like to, click on "add amount" to specify exact amount sender needs to give you.

5. Sending BTC
 → Press "send"
 → Scan or paste in a lightning invoice or BTC address 
 → Lightning invoices begin with "LTn1", double check that it has this.
 → BTC addresses are usually in shorter form and begin in a variety of forms.

6. Sending your BTC to an exchange for selling or trading purposes
Since this wallet supports lightning natively, if you have received BTC via lightning, and would like to send BTC on chain to an exchange, you do not have to do anything special.
Simply send BTC as you normally would, put in the respective address and complete the transaction.

Updated on: 28/07/2022

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