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Earning Crypto with Purse

Being an Earner on Purse is a fairly streamlined process. You can build a great reputation with our Shoppers, and provide a valuable service to our users by fulfilling Amazon orders with your unused Amazon gift card credit, and earn Bitcoin (BTC) or Bitcoin Cash (BCH) in return.

After you accept your first Earn transaction, there a few key steps that you will need to follow to ensure your Earn order goes smoothly and efficiently:

Rules to Remember:

After Amazon has processed your Shopper’s order, ensure that you submit all the Amazon tracking Links for each individual Order ID.
Once all of the packages have arrived, please give up to 48-hours for the Shopper to confirm receipt of their order. Pestering a shopper to confirm each individual item repeatedly will result in a bad experience for the Shopper.
If at any point Amazon opts to cancel your order, remove an item from it, or delay shipping for any reason, ensure you notify the Shopper whose order you are purchasing ASAP of any important details. This will ensure the order can be amended, returned to the orderbook and processed as quickly as possible for the Shopper.
You can only complete orders based upon your current Earner Level, as you continue to process more orders successfully, the limits for orders you can place will increase.
Ensuring you submit all order information/tracking #’s as they become available; being polite and patient with our users, will increase your likelihood of receiving positive feedback and building a solid reputation.
All Earners must provide a copy of the official Amazon purchase invoice if requested by support, there are no exceptions.
If you are contacted by Support for your order, and do not respond in 24hrs, your order will become subject to cancellation.

Links For Getting Started:

How to earn Crypto on Purse:

Earner Levels & Limits:

Earn Order Cancellations:

Fees for Earners:

Submitting Order IDs and Tracking #’s:
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