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How to Be a Good Earner

Earning Crypto with Purse

Being an Earner on Purse is a fairly streamlined process. You can build a great reputation with our Shoppers, and provide a valuable service to our users by fulfilling Amazon orders with your unused Amazon gift card credit, and earn Bitcoin (BTC) or Bitcoin Cash (BCH) in return.

After you accept your first Earn transaction, there a few key steps that you will need to follow to ensure your Earn order goes smoothly and efficiently:

Rules to Remember

Before accepting a Purse Order

Ensure the order you are going to fulfill has accurate pricing information (so that you don't overpay for it due to tax fees not included in the Purse order), and carefully review the amount of Bitcoin you will receive for it.

You can only complete orders based upon your current Earner Level, as you continue to process more orders successfully, the limits for orders you can place will increase.

After placing the order on Amazon

Make sure to specify the estimated delivery date (also known as ETA) when entering the Amazon order ID. For specific instructions on this, please see the step 8 in this guide. By entering the estimated delivery date, you will let the shopper know when to expect the package, which means that you will get your bitcoin faster.

If at any point Amazon opts to cancel your order, remove an item from it, or delay shipping for any reason, ensure you notify the Shopper whose order you are purchasing ASAP of any important details. This will ensure the order can be amended, returned to the orderbook and processed as quickly as possible for the Shopper.

Time Limits and order processing

In average, Amazon orders take 2 business days to ship, our support team will reach out to you if it has been 3 or more days without shipping updates. Please ensure to stay on top of your order and upload the tracking number as soon as possible. If no shipping info is available by the time the support team contacts you, simply let us know in the order chat. Unresponsive earners who don't provide accurate information about the status of the order might be suspended from Purse, and the order cancelled.

Similarly, if we detect that the order has been shipped, and no tracking information has been uploaded, the order will not be completed. Earners have up to 5 days after the order is detected as shipped to provide tracking information before being issued a final cancelation warning. To stop the cancelation countdown, simply upload the tracking number and write a message in the order chat.

After order delivery

Once the order has been delivered, the shopper will receive a notification, they will have up to 48 hours after the delivery to check it and confirm the order. Make sure to upload the tracking information as soon as it is available to you. It is also important to mark the orders as gifts during the checkout process, otherwise, shoppers won't be able to return orders on their own and we will have to contact you to provide a return label.

All Earners must provide a copy of the official Amazon purchase invoice if requested by support, there are no exceptions.

How to earn Crypto on Purse:

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Updated on: 29/05/2021

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