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How do we calculate sales tax

Sale Taxes in the US

The US has over 20,000+ jurisdictions for sales tax, so there could be times when our estimates are off. We use a generalized rule to estimate sales tax based upon the city and state where the item is being shipped. Once the order is placed we'll run it through Amazon to make sure the taxes are correct. If the taxes are higher, we'll send you a message to approve any price adjustments. if they are lower, we'll adjust the order automatically.

What to do if we get the taxes wrong?

After placing your order, we will run several diagnostics to make sure we've detected the right taxes for your address, this can take several minutes.

If we underestimated the tax, earners should notify Shoppers and Purse via the order chat, our team will fix the taxes manually.
If we overestimate tax, please let us know by pressing the 'Contact Support' in the order page or by emailing us at [email protected]. Please include the Purse order number in your message and we will fix the issue.

Sale Taxes for International orders

International Amazon Stores (Canada, UK, Japan) will have their own sales tax system, but the same procedures apply for those stores. We will do our best to calculate the right amount of taxes, and we will notify you several minutes after you place your order if we require your approval to modify the order's pricing.

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Updated on: 13/01/2021

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