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Deposit/Withdraw on Purse via Lightning

How to deposit/withdraw on Purse with Lightning

Purchasing items on Purse with Lightning is simple!

If this is your first time using Lightning, we recommend getting started with this article.

1. Add item to your cart and follow the regular steps to proceed to payment.

2. Once you arrive on the payment page, it will automatically show an on-chain BTC payment option.

Ensure you switch to lightning, in order to send a Lightning payment.

3. Open up your Lightning wallet and scan the Purse invoice.

The payment should be paid instantly and you will receive a checkmark both on Purse and your wallet confirming this.

Note: Your order will not be fulfilled until an earner accepts your order.

4. Withdraw BTC via Lightning by navigating to the "Wallet" page under your account.

Select the both "Withdraw" and "Lightning Network" options. Then select the Lightning Payment Invoice QR scanner and allow Purse to access your camera.

Lightning Withdrawal

5. Create the Withdrawal Lightning Invoice.

You will need to enter the amount of satoshi or BTC, depending on wallet, that you would like to withdraw from Purse. This will generate the QR code that will be scanned by Purse. Once complete, select "Verify Withdraw" on Purse.

Lightning Withdrawal Invoice

6. Confirm the Withdrawal

For security, we will send a verification code to the email associated with your account. Please enter here to initiate the withdrawal.

You are all done, congratulations!

Lightning Verification Code

Updated on: 28/07/2022

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