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Delivery & Tracking

Delivery times

Name Your Discount delivery time consists of fulfillment time + delivery time. Fulfillment time (the time it takes for an order to be purchased on Amazon) largely depends on the discount rate. Orders with discounts less than 10% are usually fulfilled in <6 hrs and shipped with Prime.

The majority of orders on Purse are shipped with standard shipping speed on Amazon, this typically mean a delivery time of 5-7 days. Earners might select a faster delivery speed so your order can be delivered faster.

Tracking Information

Purse's systems will ensure that earners enter a valid Amazon order ID and we make sure orders are purchased from the Wish List, this makes ordering on Purse as a shopper a secure, reliable experience.

Important For All Purse Users

For Purse Shoppers:

Long shipping times can cause Earners to cancel your order. Earners avoid these items because the longer it takes to ship, the longer it takes for them to receive their bitcoin. For fastest shipping, order items that are in stock and take notice of the estimated delivery time on the item page.

For Purse Earners

Earners receive bitcoin after items are delivered and confirmed. The tracking number allows us to ensure the package is en route, but it’s not enough to release funds. Shoppers must confirm physical receipt of items prior to funds being released. Please allow time for the Shopper to confirm delivery. Premature messages to support will not expedite the process. Support monitors all transactions, and will manually release escrow using tracking information, only if the Shopper is unresponsive.

All Earners are required to provide tracking information or an Amazon Tracking URL to help prove item delivery. If tracking information or Amazon Tracking URL is not provided, the order may be subject to cancellation.

Earners have an expectation of promptness when completing orders. Unresponsive Earners who cannot assist with the mediation of order issues may be subject to cancellation as well. All Earners must provide a copy of the official Amazon purchase invoice if requested by support, there are no exceptions.

Updated on: 29/07/2021

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