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Buy Bitcoin on Ripio (Argentina/Brazil)

What is Ripio?

Are you located in Argentina or Brazil? Thanks to our partner exchange Ripio, you can buy bitcoin through their services, and send them to your Purse wallet to start discount shopping online.

Follow the steps below to get signed up to Ripio so you can buy bitcoin and get started:
Get Registered: Go here to sign-up (Spanish site) or click here to sign-up (Brazilian site)
Once you sign-up, you’ll have a registration link to your email.
Then click the verification email that is sent to you email you used to sign-up.
You’ll need to input your personal information, and validate your identity (learn more, here).
Once you’re signed up and verified, you can then buy bitcoin with your bank account, Easy Pay, and Rapipago locations. After receiving your bitcoin, you can deposit them to your Purse wallet.

Have more questions? Be sure to check out the Ripio FAQ for any questions you may have regarding how to use their service to purchase bitcoin, you can follow them on Twitter as well.

Updated on: 07/01/2021

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