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Additional Fees

Additional Fees

Some orders may include additional fees, like shipping cost. Earners may not be willing to pay the additional shipping charges for orders (especially large items with expensive shipping costs) because it affects how much Bitcoin they’ll ultimately earn.

When this happens, we'll notify you via email. You’ll need to go into your order, and add additional fees for shipping. This will increase the likelihood of your order being processed and fulfilled quickly.

It's easy to tell if an item requires additional shipping cost by adding the item to your cart on Amazon. You may want to do this to figure out shipping charge if you are shipping outside of the United States.

Item shows $175.00, but additional $4.49 is needed for shipping. We do our best to communicate this charge to you on Purse, but sometimes there are minor differences.

Here's how to add additional funds for shipping:

Navigate to 'My Orders'
Select the Order you wish to modify.
Click 'Modify Order'.
Add funds in 'Extra Funds' field.
Press 'TAB' to update total.
Click 'Modify Order'

Updated on: 13/01/2021

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