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Adding Tracking Numbers/Order IDs

Tracking Numbers for Amazon Orders

The Shopper has to confirm they’ve received the item(s) in order for the Earner to receive the funds from escrow. This process is more seamless when the Earner provides tracking information with every order that’s being fulfilled. In particular, providing tracking for large orders with multiple Order IDs and Tracking numbers is crucial for ensuring a timely payment. As a best practice, Earners should provide the tracking numbers for their Purse orders.

By submitting tracking numbers with every order, Purse’s automated tracking system will follow the delivery status and notify the Shopper upon its arrival. Note that many shoppers in our platform use freight-forwarders and the only way to confirm delivery of packages in such cases is through a tracking number. Transactions might be canceled if the tracking information is not provided.

Obtaining Tracking Info for Amazon Orders

There are two different methods for obtaining tracking information: browser extension and bookmarklet tool.

Preferred method: Purse’s browser extension (Brave/Chrome/Firefox) allows you to upload the tracking number from the Amazon tracking page to the corresponding Purse order.

Alternatively, the bookmarklet tool will grab the tracking number from within the Amazon Page and automatically upload it to the corresponding Purse order. This tool only works with Desktop browsers (PC, Mac, Linux). The bookmarklet tool can be found here:

Either way, both of these tools enable Purse to validate the submitted tracking information. Please do not copy/paste the tracking number to Purse. Instead, use the aforementioned tools to send the tracking number automatically to Purse.

As an additional note, do not submit the Amazon tracking URL from the browser version of Amazon or the app. The URL’s information is only visible to the Amazon account Earner. The shareable tracking link URL from the app also won’t suffice as it does not contain any reference to the Amazon order ID or tracking number.

Note - the Amazon order must be shipped before attempting to get the tracking information, otherwise these methods will not work.

Via the Browser extension

To install the browser extension, follow these steps:

If you have Brave, Chrome, or any other chromium-based web browser, install it here
If you have Firefox, you can install it here

Once you have the browser extension installed, you will see a button in the tracking page of an order. Upon clicking the button, the extension will automatically upload the tracking number to the corresponding Purse order. Here's how it looks:

Click on the button to upload the tracking to Purse

Make sure to be signed in on Purse before clicking on the button so that the tracking is uploaded to the Purse order

To learn more about the Purse browser extension, please read this

Via the Bookmarklet tool

Get our bookmarklet tool and add it to your bookmark bar using the provided instructions.

Through the Amazon Orders page, find the order and click the 'Track Package' button to visit that order's tracking page.

While on the tracking page, click the Bookmarklet. An alert window in your browser will appear with the tracking code. Proceed to click OK so that the bookmarklet can grab and automatically upload the tracking number to the corresponding Purse order. Please do not manually upload the tracking code to Purse. The bookmarklet will help validate the authenticity of your order and decrease the amount of time you have to wait to get your crypto.

Adding additional Amazon Order IDs

If you need to submit a new Amazon order ID, you can do so by pressing the 'Add Tracking & Order #s' button in the Purse order page.

Highlighted in red are the buttons you need to press to add an Amazon Order ID

If you receive an error message when adding an Amazon order ID, this may be due to the order number already being entered in a past or active order. This can happen if an Earner is fulfilling multiple Purse orders for the same shopper as Amazon can consolidate multiple purchases under one Order Number. If this happens to you, please contact our support team and inform them of the error.

Tips and troubleshoot

There are some cases where the tracking cannot be uploaded:
The tracking is from Amazon Logistics (TBA tracking). If the package is shipped by Amazon Logistics, there is no way to independently verify the status of the shipment. For such cases, the use of the bookmarklet/browser extension is fundamental to update the shopper about the status of the shipment. Additionally, our support staff may ask the earner for a screenshot of the order page on Amazon to verify that the item purchase and shipment was made correctly.
The browser extension doesn't work. Make sure you are logged in on Purse before using the browser extension. The tracking number will only be uploaded if the Amazon order number is under the same Purse account you are logged in.
The order hasn't been shipped. If the order hasn't been shipped, the tracking number won't be available. Please follow the instructions above only after the package was shipped.
Purse doesn't recognize the Amazon order number the package belongs to. If you try submitting the tracking number of an Amazon Order ID that is not linked with any Purse order, the upload will fail. The first step is to check that there is an active Purse order for the tracking you are trying to upload. If further assistance is needed, please contact our support team with the Amazon and Purse order numbers.
The bookmarklet doesn't run or cannot be executed. This might be due to Javascript blocking extensions. You might want to pause them to run the bookmarklet.
For the more security minded folks, running untrusted Javascript code can be a no-no. Here's the Source Code for the bookmarklet.

Updated on: 20/09/2022

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