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Getting Tracking Numbers for your Amazon orders

When fulfilling shoppers’ Wish Lists on Purse, in order to receive the funds from escrow, the shopper has to confirm they’ve received their order. This process is more seamless, faster, and more enjoyable for the shopper (and you, the Earner) if you provide tracking information with every order you complete; especially large orders with multiple Order IDs and Tracking numbers.

As of November of 2020, Amazon started hiding the Tracking Numbers from the Tracking Page for an order, making it difficult to get accurate shipping status for our Purse shopper. Additionally, Amazon took the decision to make the Tracking Pages private, now only the Purse earner (who placed the Amazon order in their account) has access to the tracking information.

By submitting Tracking numbers with every order, our automated tracking system will follow the delivery status along the way, and will notify the customer upon its arrival — ensuring you get paid faster. Please note this is not optional. All earners must provide the tracking information for their Purse orders. Transactions might be canceled if tracking information is not provided.

Before starting

To simplify the process, we have created a bookmarklet tool (it's like a bookmark but smarter) that can grab the tracking number in the Amazon tracking page and automatically upload it to the corresponding Purse order. Currently, this method only works with Desktop or laptop computers (PC, Mac, Linux).

Submitting Tracking

Get our bookmarklet tool and add it to your bookmark bar.

Go to your Amazon Orders, find the order for which you want to upload the tracking, and click the 'Track Package' button to go to that orders Tracking page.

While on the tracking page, click the Bookmarklet you just created in step 1. This will grab and automatically upload the tracking number to the corresponding Purse order. And you're done!

Manual Installation Method

If you’re unable to drag the bookmarklet link to install (for instance, if you’re installing on a mobile browser), then you can manually create a bookmark with the following code. This is a slightly more advanced way to install a bookmarklet, but with the help of the tutorials below you should be able to get it working easy enough:

javascript:(function()%7Bvar jsCode%3Ddocument.createElement(%27script%27)%3BjsCode.setAttribute(%27src%27,%27

Some example tutorials on how to use and install bookmarklets can be found here:

CultOfMac: How to add bookmarklets in Safari iPhone
HowToGeek: How to Use Bookmarklets on Any device

Adding Amazon Order IDs

If for some reason you need to submit a new Amazon order ID, you can do so by pressing the 'Add Tracking & Order #s' button in the Purse order page.

Highlighted in red are the buttons you need to press to add an Amazon Order ID

If you receive an error message when trying to add an Amazon order ID, it may be due to the order number being already entered in a past or active order. This can happen to you if you are fulfilling multiple Purse order for the same shopper (as Amazon can consolidate multiple purchases under one Order Number). If this happens to you, please contact our support team and inform them of the error.

Tips and troubleshoot

There are some cases where the tracking cannot be uploaded, here are some:
The order hasn't been shipped. If the order hasn't been shipped, the tracking number won't be available. Please follow the instructions above only after the package was shipped.
Purse doesn't recognize the Amazon order number the package belongs to. If you try to submit the tracking number of an Amazon Order ID that is not linked with any Purse order, the upload will fail. Ensure you have an active Purse order for the tracking you are trying to upload, if you need further assistance, please contact our support team with the Amazon and Purse order numbers
The bookmarklet doesn't run or cannot be executed. This might be due to Javascript blocking extensions. You might want to pause them to run the bookmarklet.
For the more security minded folks. Running untrusted Javascript code can be a no-no, so here you can review the Source Code for this bookmarklet.
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