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How to Be a Good Purse Merchant

Purse Merchants 101 Selling items for bitcoin on Purse is a great way to start a business, or get rid of extra items you don’t need. The ability to securely transact with individuals almost anywhere thanks to bitcoin and borderless payments cannot be understated. Whether you use Purse to sell goods every now and again, or […]

Creating a Merchant Preorder

Why Preorder? Preorders are a great way to gauge the potential commercial success of a product or service before its initial launch. With bitcoin and our secure escrow system, anyone can place an item up for preorder and start collecting funds from future would be consumers. Writing a book? Launching an exclusive piece of hardware? […]

Export a CSV of Sales History

Export Sales History Need to export your sales history for tax or account purposes? Simply go to your Account page, and click Transaction History. Then click Download CSV on the right-hand side. You will then receive a .CSV file of all your various sales, with the BTC total, and the USD total for each individual […]

Create a Merchant Storefront

Open For Business Selling items for bitcoin is easy. Once you have added an item to your Purse Merchant inventory, you’re ready to set-up your shopfront so individuals can see everything you have for sale, and learn more about your business. [Merchants Sales are limited to shipping to U.S. addresses only, at this time. We […]

Add New Item(s) to Merchant Inventory

Setting Up Shop Selling items on Purse is an easy way to start earning bitcoin safely and securely. To sell an item on Purse, you have to add it to your inventory, from there you can setup your Merchant Storefront. Note: Currently merchants can only ship items to U.S. addresses, support for Non-U.S addresses to […]

Merchant Fees Policy

Merchant Fees Purse charges a fixed 0.9% fee for all Fixed Priced merchant sales, and a fixed 2.9% fee for all Pre-Order listings. The fee is charged at the completion of every item you sell on our service. Purse also offers premium options that assist in helping your items get additional visibility across the site, […]

Merchant Restricted Items

  Items that cannot be sold on Purse Giftcards (including e-gift codes, physical and digital vouchers), Weapons, Guns, Alcohol, Drugs. Due to how Purse functions, there are some items that cannot be sold using our site. If you try to sell one of these items, your account will be banned, indefinitely. Attempting to circumvent Purse’s […]

Getting Paid

Q: How do I get paid? A: After your items have arrived and the shopper has confirmed delivery, your payment will be sent automatically to your Purse account. Q: How will I know when I have a sale? A: Purse will email you immediately whenever you make a sale. Merchants receive bitcoin after items are […]