Support Center: General Questions

How to Shop on Purse and Name My Own Discount?

Shopping on Amazon US with Bitcoin was never so easy   You can use Purse to shop on Amazon while getting a discount you can select yourself! Simply go to Purse and search for the item you want, we will show you a badge with a discount symbol (%) when an item is eligible for […]

How Do I Save 5% Using “Buy Now”?

Buy Now -Save 5% Instantly on Amazon (U.S. Addresses Only) or shop Purse Merchants [Note: Not all Buy Now orders from Amazon will ship with Prime shipping, only when eligible] Buy Now allows you to search for any item on Amazon using Purse, and save 5% instantly using bitcoin. And, items ordered via Buy Now typically ship very […]

Is There a Purse App for iOS/Android?

Download our Mobile App   We’ve taken Purse mobile! Enjoy all of our great Amazon discounts, extensive merchant marketplace, and bitcoin wallet, all on the go with our mobile & tablet-optimized apps. Links: Official Purse iOS app on the App Store: Download Now Official Purse Android app on the Google Play Store: Download Now    

How Can Purse Offer Such Great Discounts?

It’s not too good to be true   As it turns out, there is no catch. To understand how Purse can offer such massive discounts, you have to understand the relationship between liquidity (the ability to purchase or sell an asset) and asset prices. Here’s an example. Imagine you owe $1,000 to Alice, and instead of […]

When Do I Confirm My Order?

Order Confirmations Purse’s secure escrow system is our way of protecting our users when shopping for great discounts using Bitcoin. When an order is placed, your payment is sent and held in escrow during the duration of your order. When using Name Your Discount, payment is released to the individual who purchased your order once […]

What Can’t I Buy On Purse?

  Items that cannot be bought on Purse Digital Items, Subscriptions, Warranties, Prime-Only Deals, Add-on items and Used items Due to how Purse functions, there are some items that cannot be bought on Amazon using our service. If you add one of these types of items to your wish list, you will get an error […]

What is Bitcoin?

Why Spend Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a computer science breakthrough that will revolutionize the world. The opportunities and benefits are near limitless to improve humanity and reduce inefficiencies. But it might not matter if people don’t adopt Bitcoin. Bitcoin’s success depends on mainstream adoption. The past 5 years proved that existing use cases are insufficient and leaves many questions unanswered: Why spend bitcoins […]

Am I Protected Using Purse?

        Purse Guarantee: Customers are covered for any damages or costs resulting from their transaction of up to $10,000. [The guarantee does not protect users from fluctuations in the price of bitcoin. Purse cannot be responsible for changes in the market price of bitcoin.] How We Keep Our Customers Safe: Purse combines two irreversible transactions: delivery […]

What Countries are Supported?

Bitcoin is global accessible, and Amazon is accessible in most parts of the world. Shopping with Bitcoins Name Your Discount supports most Amazon sites. Residents of other countries might be able to ship from the closest Amazon site. United States Canada United Kingdom Japan China France Italy Spain India Mexico Brazil Buy Now is only available to US shipping addresses […]

Is My Privacy Protected?

Purse is a pseudonymous marketplace, and we don’t verify or collect private information about any of our users. Name Your Discount Buyers and Spenders have a unique level of control of personal information unmatched by other marketplaces. Spenders can list a pseudonym on Amazon for a wishlist, and the shipping address is only exposed to Amazon. […]