Levels & Limits

How Earner Levels Work 

Limits on earning bitcoin on Purse are determined by Earner Levels. There are 6 levels for Earners and an invite-only VIP status. Buyers can level up by successfully completing transactions and receiving positive feedback.

Buyers can increase limits immediately through verification.

  • Phone Number Verification: doubles transaction limit
  • Facebook Verification: raises Order Size Limit by $25
  • Google+ Verification: raises Order Size Limit by $25

VIP Members have access to the best rates to earn bitcoin on Purse with unlimited transactions. Qualifications include:

  • 10 successful completions with a positive feedback
  • Proof of Amazon Prime membership

This is an invite-only program, and Purse reserves to right to approve or decline at any time based on market conditions, user behavior, or any other factor that the company deems relevant.